The Turner Farm Community Garden Program

The Turner Farm Community Garden Program is committed to connecting people to their food through new collaborative methods and innovative urban land use with an emphasis on sustainable biological agricultural practices, experiential learning and civic engagement.

At present the Turner Farm Community Garden Program continues its pilot garden in the East End and during the summer of 2011 developed the Winton Terrace Community Garden.  In addition we are partnering with the Franciscan Community Garden on garden training for Bhutanese refugees and neighborhood gardeners.  We are currently researching community interest, need and existing garden programs in other neighborhoods with the goal of identifying and reaching out to residents, potential organizations and diverse populations with whom to collaborate.  The purpose of the research is to avoid duplication of existing services and most importantly to better understand and identify neighborhoods with an interest in community-based gardening.

Modern life can often get in the way of maintaining a home or community garden; something that requires attention and regular care.  If someone has never picked up a trowel or planted a seed, well, to imagine growing a vegetable garden for one’s family can seem overwhelming.  We want to change that and make raising one’s own healthy food a joyful and regular part of people’s lives.

To inspire and sustain a lifetime of gardening our hands-on approach to home and community vegetable garden training is supported by classes to provide a foundation of knowledge and place-based gardening education using the garden as a “living textbook” with an emphasis on experiential learning.  Through conscious planning and cultivation the garden serves as a model for illustrating gardening best practices.  Agricultural instruction is integrated into the daily cycle of work at the garden as specialized classes are offered throughout the growing season.  Topics include basic instruction in natural vegetable gardening, seasonal growing practices, managing pests, when and how to harvest, and preserve your harvest.

The Turner Farm Community Garden Program is open to anyone who would like to participate! Participants have opportunities to work in the garden to share its bounty and to earn their own personal cedar raised garden bed through the Learn-Grow-Earn Program.

Would you like a raised garden bed for your home? The Turner Farm Community Garden Program’s Learn-Grow-Earn program is open to anyone interested in growing vegetables at home.  Participants take part in five gardening classes and complete 30 hours of volunteer work in a community garden to earn their own raised cedar garden bed.  After attending classes and meeting the volunteer requirement Turner Farm provides, at no charge, the resources to build a 4×8 foot cedar raised garden bed where you live.

For more information on the Turner Farm Community Garden Program contact:

Peter Huttinger
Director, Community Garden Program
mobile: 513-328-0100

East End Community Garden

The East End Community Garden is located in the Cincinnati East End neighborhood.  The community garden, began in 2011, is a variation of the Turner Farm Community Supported Agriculture model offering participants the opportunity to work in a community-based garden, share the harvest, learn gardening skills, and the option to earn a raised garden bed for their home by participating in the Learn-Grow-Earn program.

East End Community Garden
246 Setchell Street
Cincinnati, OH 45226

East End and Columbia Tusculum

Growing Together – During the growing season the garden manager has a schedule of days and times at the garden.  Times are set with the participant’s work and family schedules in mind.  Times vary between morning, afternoons, weekdays, and weekends – but are on a recurring schedule.  When appropriate some gardeners may schedule themselves to work independently at the garden, although scheduling collaborative workdays is a priority.

Gardening with Veterans – The Homegrown Heroes of Ohio project is a partnership of the Veterans Administration Hospital Substance Abuse Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program.  During 2014 the project was initiated by Joe Corcoran, East End Veterans’ Memorial Garden along with Dr. Leigh Gaines, Veterans Administration Hospital.  The program brings together a group of gardening and social service professionals to provide weekly horticulture experiences for veterans.  Dr. Gaines outlines some of the benefits of the gardening experience as: “One of the goals of the horticulture therapy program is to reconnect veterans with not only a sober leisure activity but with the healing potential of the natural world.  In addition Veterans will be provided with simple, hands-on culinary experiences to help them learn how to cook produce harvested from the garden and enjoy the benefits of fresh, unprocessed foods.”

The garden is a participant in the City of Cincinnati Urban Agriculture Program and has received funds for site development and tools.

Winton Terrace Community Garden
4848 Winneste Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45232

Winton Hills

Winton Terrace Community Garden

The Winton Terrace Community Garden is a Turner Farm Community Garden Program project stared in the summer of 2015.  There are 608 units with over 1,600 residents in the Winton Terrace Community.  The garden is located near the Winton Terrace Community Room within a 68 x 36 foot fenced area, there are nine 4×8 foot cedar garden beds and three 26 foot raised beds, totaling 552 square feet of growing area, as well as edible landscaping.

The Turner Farm Community Garden Program built the garden in collaboration with the Winton Terrace Residents Council and the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority with the purpose of promoting and providing support for Winton Terrace residents to grow healthy fruit and vegetables for their families and neighbors.  To this end the Turner Farm Community Garden Program offers educational programs for all ages, technical support for Robin Jones the garden coordinator, and supplies for the garden.

The garden is a community effort with leadership and support from Nikki Steele, President of the Winton Terrace Resident Council and Jessica Raines, Winton Terrace Resident Manager as well as the Winton Terrace Men’s Group.  The garden has also received funds from the City of Cincinnati Urban Agriculture Program for site development and tools.

Franciscan Community Garden

The Franciscan Community Garden, a program of the Centennial Barn, has provided gardening opportunities for the benefit of the community since 2009.  It is a large vibrant community garden with 70 plots averaging 20 x 20 feet.  In 2014 the garden donated 1,000 pounds of produce to a food pantry and senior citizens and since 2009 have donated over 10,000 pounds of produce to area social service agencies.

Franciscan Community Garden
100 Compton Rd.
Cincinnati, OH  45215

Wyoming and Springfield Township

In 2015 the Turner Farm Community Garden Program began a partnership with the Franciscan Community Garden to provide gardening education programs and manage pedagogical demonstration plots. The demonstration plots are used for field studies as well as “living textbooks” for the on-site gardening classes.  In 2015 gardening classes were conducted as part of the Learn-Grow-Earn series and will continue during the 2016-growing season.

The Franciscan Community Garden has an active diverse population including over thirty Bhutanese refugee families sponsored by the United States and United Nations. Many of the Bhutanese come from agrarian communities and bring a rich agricultural and culinary heritage to the community garden.  During the spring the Turner Farm Community Garden Program offered a series of the Learn-Grow-Earn classes in collaboration with Heartfelt Tidbit’s “English as a Second Language and Citizenship Training” program and Catholic Social Services.  The classes were a lively exchange of gardening practices appropriate to the southwest Ohio environment and Bhutanese agricultural traditions.

Marci Peebles
Garden Coordinator, Centennial Barn, Franciscan Ministries

Jenny Tighe
Garden Liaison