Why farm with draft animals?

It provides the farmer an important connection to the land and the work of farming.  When working with horses, the driver breathes fresh air and hears the surrounding sounds compared to the fumes of diesel fuel and the roar of a conventional tractor engine.

When working with horses, your work is in front of or below you.  When working on a tractor, one has to turn around to look at the work that has been done.

We use horses to plow, disk, harrow, cultivate, and pull wagons.  We are proud to be part of a traditional way of farming that still has much to offer today.

Donkeys as Protectors

A single donkey, usually a jennet, is introduced to the herd and undergoes a bonding stage. After it has bonded with the sheep, it will protect them against canine predators (fox, coyote, and dogs) as it would one of its own. This is extremely beneficial in areas where the sheep have many acres to graze. The advantage of the donkey over the guard dog is that they can eat the same food as the sheep so they don’t have to be fed separately. The donkey will also bed down with the sheep at night. Given a strange sound it will voice a warning to the flock which alerts them to danger. Then the donkey will chase and often trample the predator.