Greenhouse Production Crew Leader

Start Date:
February 2017 (with limited flexibility)

This is a permanent, salaried position with benefits.
Compensation is based on experience.

 To Apply:
Please send a cover letter and resume to by January 20th, 2017.

Turner Farm is seeking an experienced and energetic candidate for our Greenhouse Production Crew Leader position for the 2017 season. The primary responsibility of the Greenhouse Production Crew Leader will be management of Turner Farm’s greenhouse spaces, including: seed starting, propagation, and caring for transplants; production of wheatgrass, sprouts, and micro greens for wholesale and retail sale; and ensuring that crop seeding and planting is executed according to the plans set by the Crop Production Manager.

Additionally, the Greenhouse Production Crew Leader will support the Crop Production and Assistant Crop Production Managers in supervising a crew of five seasonal apprentices during daily field work. With guidance and support from the Crop Production Manager, the Crew Leader will work directly with the Assistant Crop Production Managers to ensure that all tasks are completed correctly, efficiently, and safely while maintaining a positive and supportive work environment for crew members. This requires a combination of being able to follow directions and make independent decisions, while remaining flexible and adaptable to changing situations.

The Crew Leader must be able to lead by example in the quality of their work. An ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills and strong attention to detail, be comfortable in a leadership role, and have at least one season of prior experience working on a small to medium sized farm. This position entails a great degree of multi-tasking and prioritization, and decision-making. We are seeking a candidate who is highly motivated, self-driven, and enthusiastic.

The Greenhouse Production Crew Leader will work both indoors and outdoors doing extensive manual labor throughout the year. Must be willing and able to work outdoors in all weather conditions. Must be able to carry heavy objects and work in a crouched position for extended periods of time.

  • Arriving at the farm before the crew to go over the daily plan with other
  •  Leading and motivating the crew through daily field work including seeding,
    transplanting, cultivating and hand weeding, greenhouse work, harvest,
    post-harvest handling, and other field projects.
  • Helping scout for pests, diseases or other problems encountered during
    daily harvests and communicating crop conditions, abundance or scarcity
    to the other managers.
  •  Ensuring tasks are completed correctly, efficiently, and safely with
    attention to detail and consistent quality standards, and in accordance with
    farm procedures.
  • Training and supervising crew members, work-share CSA members, and
    volunteers alike in proper techniques.
  • Managing crew transitions between projects to maintain a good workflow
    and pace throughout the day.
  • Maintaining a good attitude and contributing to positive team morale
  • Maintaining detailed record-keeping systems in accordance with organiccertification requirements.
  • Operating tractors, trucks, trailers, vans, and other farm equipment
  • Participating in a rotating schedule of weekend chore responsibilities
  • Participating in a rotating schedule of working at local farmers markets
  • Participating in a rotating schedule of making deliveries to wholesale
    customers using Turner Farm vehicles.

• At least one season of experience working on a small to medium scale
vegetable farm. Familiarity with certified organic farm procedures
• A strong, foundational understanding of small to medium scale food
production systems, including familiarity with fertility and soil health
management, plant life cycles, season extension techniques, and
integrated pest management techniques.
• At least one year of experience supervising employees, interns, and/or
volunteers in some capacity.
• Excellent time management, communication, and leadership skills.
• Ability to quickly learn new concepts and techniques, and desire and ability
to teach them to others.
• Strong physical work ethic, attention to detail, and sense of urgency.
• Valid driver’s license
• Prior experience using tractors and other heavy machinery or farm
equipment is a plus, but not mandatory.

Garden Apprenticeship

Start Date:

$8.10/hour, paid biweekly with time-and-a-half for overtime

To Apply:

Send your responses to the questions below, along with a resumé and references to:
Please call the farm with any questions: 513-561-7400.

The deadline for apprenticeship applications is January 31.

Each year Turner Farm hires full-time seasonal (April – October) garden apprentices who are interested in pursuing a career in organic agriculture.  They are involved in every aspect of vegetable production, from soil preparation to farmers market. This includes some mushroom production as well. Up to ten hours per month is spent working with our livestock, learning basic animal husbandry. Apprentices also have the opportunity to work with our draft horses in the vegetable fields. Other opportunities are available based on individual interest. We provide class and field instruction and regularly visit other farms to learn about different farming techniques.

Pay is $8.10/hour, paid biweekly with time-and-a-half for overtime.  Apprentices are required to work 40 hours Monday-Friday, plus occasional evenings for the farmers market, and two Saturday mornings per month.  Limited housing is available within biking or driving distance. Additionally, apprentices receive a food stipend that can be applied to produce sold at the farm store, and they receive a discount on Turner Farm meat and eggs.

  • Are you available for the entire season, April 1 – Oct 31?

  • Please explain any restrictions on your availability in the above time frame.

  • Describe the type of farm operation(s) you are interested in participating in.

  • What kinds of knowledge, skills, and experiences are you interested in gaining during your apprenticeship?  Please be specific where appropriate.

  • Why are you interested in sustainable agriculture?

  • What attracts you to farm work and farm living?

  • Will you be able to visit the farm prior to making a commitment?

  • Is it a problem that Turner Farm is a non-smoking campus?

  • Are you comfortable working on a farm that raises animals for meat?

  • Do you have allergies?

  • Can you pick up and carry at least 50-75 lbs?

  • What other considerations should we be aware of that may affect your apprenticeship?