Fresh, Local, Organic Livestock

All Turner Farm livestock are humanely raised. The swine, chicken, beef and lamb are raised outdoors or in deeply bedded pens or open pasture and are able to express their natural instinctive behaviors. Our swine and chicken are fed non-GMO grains and regularly rotated to fresh pasture. The cattle and sheep are grass fed and only supplemented with minerals and kelp. Our animals have access to fresh clean water and food. They spend their entire lives with their littermates and natural social groups. Come experience the flavors your great grandparents enjoyed!

Turner Farm Pork

We are currently taking orders for pastured, non-GMO heritage-breed pork. Whole or half hogs are available. At $4/lb live weight, it’s a great way to eat local, sustainable meat year-round.

Turner Farm Lambs

Turner Farm lambs are pasture fed in an environment that consists of open ranges with natural grasses and humane husbandry practices, they are supplemented only with quality alfalfa or grass hay.

We offer two kinds of lamb, both are excellent although some people find the Black Welsh Mountain sheep are more tender and tasty. Lamb is succulent meat that needs minimal preparation to enjoy its delicate flavor.

With cooking options including grilling, broiling and roasting, Turner Farm is your answer to providing your family an excellent choice when you desire red meat.